Resources In Your Own Backyard

The practice management advisors of the Professional Liability Fund frequently receive calls from lawyers and staff who are looking for service providers.  The needs can be far ranging – from interpreters, business appraisers, and e-discovery services to software support or web design.  Very few of the callers realize that a free Products & Services Directory exists on the Oregon State Bar Web site. 

The Products & Services Directory is updated annually in conjunction with the Oregon State Bar Membership Directory. It contains over 85 categories of services and products, including these, which appear a bit odd upon first glance:

  • Cause & Origin – Talbott Associates.  This is a consulting engineering firm with more than 90 years experience providing expert testimony and analysis.
  • Geneaology – Marion Wilcox Corporation.  This is an heir service with over 25 years experience in specialized investigative techniques for trusts and probates.
  • Hotels & Resorts – The next time you need to find lodging for an out of town witness, this list may come in handy.
  • Meeting Rooms & Special Events – nice to have along with the hotel and resort list.
  • Pianos – Classic Pianos.  Hey, you might need one!
  • Sabbaticals – sounds good to me.  At first I thought this was a contract lawyer offering to cover for me while I was on sabbatical, but alas – it is not.  (Contract lawyers do provide this service, however.)  Follow this link to find Your Own French Home if you want to vacation in Provence.

If you’re in a pinch for time, consider:

  • Deposition Summaries – Depo Express.  “You send it -we  summarize it.”
  • Legal Research Services – National Legal Research Group.  The “nation’s oldest and largest legal research firm … providing members of the Oregon Bar with specialized legal research and advocacy since 1969. Call to discuss your case and get a free estimate. We work with budgets.”
  • Litigation Support Services – a convenient list of seven specialists who provide litigation support services, including e-discovery and forensic accounting.
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders Drafting Services – QDROwest, LLC.  QDROS are a highly specialized area within family law.  If you’ve never drafted one, it’s wise to consult with an expert.
  • Scanning & Coding – I receive one or two calls a week asking about scanning closed files.  It’s one of those projects that sounds good until you find out how labor intensive it is.  If you have a big scanning project, consider outsourcing it.  Smart Legal is one option for this service.  
  • Shredding & Document Destruction – AccuShred NW.  Secure on and off-site shredding, one-time purges or scheduled service.  Encompasses paper and electronic media destruction.
  • Transcription 24/7 – E-Word Solutions, Inc.
  • Writing, Editing & Research – Scribe’s Corner.

Next time you’re looking for an auctioneer, computer consultant, estate sale service, or Web site designer, take a look at the Products & Services Directory.  Odds are that you’ll find a great resource.

Copyright 2010 Beverly Michaelis

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