Fastcase Offers iPhone App

Fastcase, the free online law library offered to Oregon State Bar members, will soon offer a free iPhone app.  Bob Ambrogi of LawSites and the Legal Blog Watch was given an exclusive preview:

“The legal research service Fastcase is preparing to launch an application that will let users research cases and statutes on their iPhones, all for free. The app is awaiting final approval from Apple before it will be available in the App Store.

The app provides access to the largest free law library available on the iPhone. When you arrive at the main menu, you can select to perform one of three tasks: search caselaw, search statutes or browse statutes.

Cases are displayed in a crisp, readable, Times Roman font. The font can be adjusted to display in three different sizes. Cases include pagination and search terms are highlighted. Internal citations are hyperlinked.

As I noted at the outset, the app will be free to download and searching the Fastcase library using the app will also be free. First-time users will be required to register, but there will be no cost. Current Fastcase subscribers will be able to use their existing log-on and password.”

As fellow practice management advisor Jim Calloway pointed out, “This is pretty huge news….With iPhone copy and paste, you can e-mail the full text of cases to yourself instantly.”

An overview of Fastcase features can be found here.  Read about second level citation analysis here.

Copyright Beverly Michaelis 2010

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