Marketing in Turbulent Times

In the January 2010 issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, the team of Sharon Nelson and John Simek address how to keep your practice afloat in turbulent times. 

They offer 10 practical tips:

  • Utilize Your Real Life Network
  • Get Up to Speed on Social Networking
  • Be Careful With What You Do and Say on Social Networking Sites
  • Perfect Your Elevator Speech
  • Contemplate Alternative Billing (Your clients are)
  • Take Good Care of Current Clients
  • Your Web Site is Probably Your Most Powerful Marketing Vehicle
  • Don’t Stop Marketing in Bad Times, But Look at HOW You Are Marketing
  • Show Me the Money!
  • Keep Sniffing the Air

Sharon and John always have worthwhile advice.  While a Web site and social networking do play a role – don’t forget the human side.  Put effort into keeping your current clients happy.  Maintain and build on relationships.   As Sharon and John note, “Clients are hard and expensive to replace.  And current clients are one of the best sources of referrals.” 

Read the full article here.

Copyright Beverly Michaelis 2010

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