Fastcase: How to Analyze Cites

In my September 22 post, I previewed Fastcase, the free online law library offered as a benefit to all Oregon State Bar members. 

Today, Fastcase tweeted their new blog post:  Fastcase’s Hidden Gem – A Second Level of Citation Analysis

First level citation analysis in Fastcase occurs behind the scenes:

“Every time you perform a search, Fastcase automatically analyzes how many times each case in your search results has been cited by other cases in the Fastcase database. This first-level citation analysis is available under the heading “Entire Database” on the results page.”

Second level citation analysis is a search within results that “drastically reduces the false positives that can result from the first level of citation analysis.”  

For tips on how to sort and search within results, check out the new Fastcase blog post.  A complete User Guide and Tutorials are available on the OSB Web site.  You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of the Fastcase blog.


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