The Best of Solo by Choice Nothing Beats Cheap or Free

This is the second in a series of posts featuring the advice and insight of Carolyn Elefant of  Carolyn graciously agreed to speak at our recent Solo by Choice program.  Those in attendance came away with a copy of Carolyn’s book and a lot of great ideas, including these tips on cheap or free tools for a solo practice:

My two cents?  Also check out:

  • Dban – Hard drive disk wipe and data cleaning.  Meets DOD standards.  (Free)
  • PCDecrapifer – Uninstall unwanted programs and delete temporary or downloaded files you don’t need.  (Free)
  • CCCleaner – An aggressive clean up/disk defragmenter tool.  Used in lieu of operating system tools.  (Free)
  • LastPass – Online password manager and form filler. (Free)
  • ExchangeMyMail – For anyone who wants the functionality of running Microsoft Exchange Server without the hassle or big price tag.  (Starts at $12.99 per month.)
  • – Unlimited file downloads, online office applications, 3-person Web conferencing, and 5 PDF conversions.  (Free. Enhanced services start at $14.99 per month.)
  • GOOG-411 – Call 1-800-GOOG-411 for voice-activated 411 service connecting you to businesses in the US and Canada.  (Free)
  • ABA Legal Technology Resource Center – Online technology advice, articles, posts, and weekly roundup of practice management blogs.  My favorite part of this site is the FYIs: Technology Overviews.  (Online content is free.  Services available only to ABA members.)
  • Survey Monkey – Online client surveys (Basic services are free.)
  • Fastcase – Legal research (Free with your Orego State Bar membership.)
  • In Brief – 10 years of archived newsletters published by the Professional Liability Fund (PLF).  A great place to start when researching an issue.  Use the site’s Search link or peruse the Subject Matter Index of past articles.  (Free)
  • Practice Aids and Forms – Over 270 forms in 40 areas from the PLF.  (Free)
  • CLE – 17 Online/downloadable CLEs.  More than 40 on CD/DVD.  All from the PLF.  (All online CLE is free.  Most programs on CD/DVD are free.) 

Carolyn’s presentation and book, Solo by Choice, are available now on the PLF Web site for $30.  Select Programs on Audio or Programs on Video.  I have a few more tips to blog, but if you missed the live program, order the CD/DVD and get Carolyn’s book and handout material from this terrific CLE.

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