Legal Tech by the Numbers

As we bid adieu to tips, sites, and other good stuff curated from this year’s ABA TECHSHOW, some interesting numbers for you – courtesy of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.

Who is Using the Cloud and Who is Using Technology in the Courtroom?

  • 50% increase YOY (year over year) in use of cloud services. @CaseyHall
  • 58% of lawyers use Dropbox #ABATECHSHOW stats. @paperlesschase
  • 40 percent of solos use cloud services. @rocketmatter
  • In 2013, 34% of attorneys use iPads in the courtroom, up more than 20% in one year. @pegeenturner

eFiling is Here


  • Only 13% survey respondents use whole disk encryption for device security. 25% use remote data wiping. @RealSheree
  • Bonus tip from yours truly: lawyers would be well-advised to tighten up security promptly to protect information subject to HIPAA.

Social Media Engagement

  • … Almost 80% of firms now using Social Media. @CaseyHall_
  • 72.3% of all atty-social media stats are unverifiable. “@Westlaw: 39% of firm blogs result in clients or referrals.” @victormedina
  • 70% of lawyers use LinkedIn #ABATECHSHOW stats. @ernieattorney
  • 22.6 percent of law firms have no social media presence. @rocketmatter
  • 20% of lawyers responding to survey use twitter/microblogging. @Westlaw

To Blog or Not to Blog

  • 39% of firm blogs result in clients or referrals. @Westlaw
  • Surprised to see that only 27% of law firms are blogging yet 39% of those said the blog had resulted in clients-survey. @RealSheree
  • My two cents: Why aren’t you blogging!  Adding frequently updated content causes search engines to crawl your Web site more often and will improve your listing in search results.  Check out this oldie but goodie post, 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on the Web.

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Still Pondering Paperless?

In my continuing series of top tweets from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW, today I am offering 10 thoughts to chew on if you are pondering going paperless.  (Including bonus tips from me!)

  • And it saves trees! RT @Westlaw: Benefits of going paperless: increased revenue and better client service. @Westlaw RT @ESIPhones
  • 1st Q. to ask: Is your “paperless plan” in line with your record retention plan and retention requirements? @Westlaw
  • Want to go paperless? Reduce the # of printers, replace with scanners. @Westlaw
  • Get a ScanSnap ix1500. Make it easy to go #paperless #abatechshow per Steve Best. @david_bilinsky
  • PDF is a cornerstone to the #paperless practice per Steve Best. @david_bilinsky
  • Get a DMS (doc mgmt system) to go #paperless. Handles email + attachments rather than rolling your own system. @david_bilinsky
  • If you came to my #ABATECHSHOW session on “PDF Enlightenment” & want the 1 page PDF cheat sheet, click this link. @pdflawyer
  • For checklists, white papers, and other resources on going paperless, visit the PLF Web site.
  • For CLEs on paper reduction, document management, the paperless office, and PDFing: A Lawyers Guide to Adobe Acrobat, visit the PLF Web site.
  • For an overview of the issues involving in going paperless, see my In Brief article, “Is It Time to Go Paper Less” on the PLF Web site.  Also see Greening Your Law Practice.

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You’re Sold on the Cloud, Now What?

Good question! Fortunately, we can glean a lot of good ideas from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW:

Security, Ethics, and Questions to Ponder

  • Snoops, Thieves, and Idiots – The Weak Links in Cloud Storage via @betabeat – @JackSmithIV RT @VIIVOkey
  • Securing client info. Reasonable safeguards for different type of data depending on circumstances. @LtdPI RT @Westlaw (Using Oregon’s standard – your duty of reasonable care to protect confidential client information will flux based on the circumstances.)
  • If you are storing client data in the cloud, do you inform your client? @Westlaw (Yes: incorporate appropriate language into your fee agreement/engagement letter.)
  • 18 states have issued opinions related to #cloud computing or similar technology. @Westlaw (Here is the low-down on Oregon’s opinion.)
  • Uptime and data security are a crucial element of a #cloud provider’s standards. Learn more @Cetrom
  • Great tip to switch cloud data storage providers! @LeeRosen: Discourse: The Cloud Wars are On. @pegeenturner
  • Takeaway from cloud session #ABATECHSHOW: continuing requirement to stay informed on cloud tech. @Westlaw (From Oregon’s opinion:  “As technology advances, the third-party vendor’s protective measures may become less secure or obsolete over time.  Accordingly, Lawyer may be required to reevaluate the protective measures used by the third party vendor to safeguard the client materials.”)

New Features in Popular Cloud Products Clio and Net Documents


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Practically Perfect Presentations or How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Yep, it’s day 7 from the best of ABA TECHSHOW.  Today we tackle presentation faux pas, starting with:

10 Essential Tips for Improving Your Presentations

  1. Figure out where your strengths are – don’t use tech if you’re not comfortable using it – tech can hinder your message – via @psuba98
  2. “@rajuip: “The thought behind PowerPoint is to make a point, not a distraction.” @pauljunger – via @MEKowalski
  3. You can increase info retention 10-20% if you repeat and repeat your points in slides/presentation – 45% increase if msg simple – via @psuba98
  4. Clarify and simplify your message in your presentation – distill it to your message – you are the filter – @rajuip – via @psuba98
  5. If your presentation is a story it should have a beginning, middle and an end…so maybe we all need screenwriters now b4 trial – via @psuba98
  6. De-Bullet your presentations by using images and using your voice – @pauljunger – via @rajuip
  7. Keep your slides simple – for no scientific reason, @rajuip says use 7 words per slide (hey, it might work) – via @psuba98
  8. If you’re reading your slides, you’re doing it wrong. People need to have the relationship with you, have them trust you – via @psuba98
  9. RT @rajuip: Orienting responses (moving, voice pitch changes, ppt slides) increase information retention. @pauljunger – via @scrappydoo6
  10. Use (cool) fonts, you can download them and add them to your presentation @rajuip uses Font Squirrel – via @psuba98

PowerPoint Isn’t the Only Game in Town

RT @psuba98: HaikuDeck, Prezi, SlideRocket, there are lots of presentation tools out there (besides @rajuip) – via @IntermixLegal

We’d love to see more lawyers embracing Haiku Deck’s high-impact messages and visuals! For iPad & web – via @HaikuDeck

Zooming feature in @prezi adds emphasis & scale. #prezi – via @ lucasboling: @bdwassom

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Getting the Most Out of Evernote

To quote the source, “Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the Web.” And if you’re a user, you’re addicted. Here are 8 terrific tips from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW to make your day if you’re an Evernote convert:

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Quickie Tips and Tricks for the iPhone and iPad

And for the iDevice users – here are tips and tricks cultivated from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW:

  • Why #iPad is better than laptop at trial? Makes you Johnny-on-the- spot for info to share w/ Judge and Jury. @jeffrichardson – via @MrsMacLawyer
  • Writing w/ #iPad: Hidden section symbol: Hit, # key, then hold down & key for section key to show up. @jeffrichardson – via @MrsMacLawyer
  • If you don’t have a Password Lock on your iPad, shame on you. @jeffrichardson #GoodAdvice – via @MrsMacLawyer
  • Recommended styluses for lawyers using iDevices: Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo and Adonit Script @rocketmatter
  • Use Stable Pro (by Thought Out) to cradle iPad as a second monitor. @rocketmatter
  • Here’s our post Review of STM’s new Studio Case for iPad Mini @TheMacLawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer
  • Want to read our post on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad mini? Click here. @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer
  • Text Expander Touch for Mac/iPad/iPhone per Vic Medina #ABATechshow. Great shortcutting tool for your fingers. @david_bilinsky

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Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Macs in the law office continue to gain traction. Why you ask? Find out from the experts at the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW:

The Mac Philosophy

“Time is Money for Attorneys – You need (the) best computer that works the way you want, when you want it. That’s a #MAC” @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

@rajuip: “If there is a mantra for macs – it just works” – The Business Case for Going All Mac. @jwlounsberry

IT #Secret: If you’re in a big firm, your IT guy won’t like #Mac conversion – makes their job obsolete. @rajuip @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

RT @larryport: CIO Study cited that in one company, employees with identical titles but using Macs vs PC found Mac ppl generated 26k more $… – via @MrsMacLawyer

Built-In Backups

All #Macs come with #TimeMachine. The ability to backup can’t be done this cheap on PC. It just works. @themaclawyer & @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

Files are Hard to Lose

Spotlight on a #Mac: Once something in on your Mac, it’s really hard to lose it.” @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

Printing to PDF is Easy Peasy

Print to #PDF is built into the #Mac – Command+P+P = print to PDF automatically. @rajuip – via @MrsMacLawyer

(Use) TextSoap to clean up copied text from PDF, Web etc for #Mac per Mark Metzger @david_bilinsky

The iWork Office Suite is Free and Preloaded

#Macs now come fully loaded w/ the iWork suite of software – No add’l $ outlay for software to support the machine. #MacTrack – via @MrsMacLawyer

Go Mini

Wanna make case to switch Get a Mac Mini. It will work w/ existing PC monitor, etc It’s a #Mac & it WORKS @rajuip @themaclawyer – via @MrsMacLawyer

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This is no April Fool’s Joke - as promised yesterday, here are more tweets curated with the help of Tweet Archivist from the 2014 ABA TECHSHOW.  Today’s focus – cool apps!

For the Android

  • New 100 Best Android Apps List: Just in time for #ABATECHSHOW! (Compujurist) @MyCaseInc
  • Two options for #googleapps – one with Google Vault for compliance purposes and archive storage for only $10/month. @pegeenturner @DroidLawyer
  • @DroidLawyer shows two-factor authentication on Google Apps. Use it on every program you can. @pegeenturner
  • Live document collaboration on both Office 365 and Google Apps says @droidlawyer and @TabletLawyer. @pegeenturner
  • Good tip from Jeff Taylor at Android customization session: Google cloud print (download app if you have older device). @lisasolomon


Windows 8

  • #OfficeLens is a new #WindowsPhone app that captures information on documents & whiteboards, converts to OCR, saves to #OneNote. @lucasboling
  • @Flipboard app is available on #Windows8. Coming to #WindowsPhone. @lucasboling
  • @bschorr – #OneNote #Windows8 app has an innovative radial tool control instead of a ribbon. @lucasboling
  • @Adobe #Photoshop Express app is free for #windows8. @lucasboling
  •  #LawToolBox debuts new court deadline #legalapp for #windows8 & showcases #office365 app at #Abatechshow. @LawToolBox

App Grab Bag

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The Best of – 60 Tips in 60 Minutes / 60 Sites in 60 Minutes

60 Tips/60 Sites is by far the most popular presentation at the 2014 ABATECHSHOW (SRO this year).  From our base in Oregon where Sheila Blackford and I held down the fort, I used Tweet Archivist to capture and curate the best of the best. (Plus a few other random tweets.)

  • RT @catherinereach: Better Pacer with @Inforuptcy and @PacerProCEO – @NextChapterBK
  • Need to reduce the file size? Try (Compress PDF – free online PDF compression service) – @catherinereach
  • Google Backup Options #ABATechShow @nerinopetro@bburney – via @DonPhilbin
  • If you press 4 during an incoming Google Voice call you can send it to VM and listen to it in real time! Via @j0eybagodonuts
  • Librarians developed engine to search the Deep (Dark) Web INFOMINE – via @DonPhilbin
  • @nerinopetro discussing video conferencing with Zoom.US May be a good alternative to GoToMeeting – @larryport
  • Boomerang for gmail allows you to write emails now and schedule to send them later. Nice! 60 Tips by @markrosch at #ABATECHSHOW – @rajuip
  • @nerinopetro likes the (VoiP/hosted) phone service vitality. #ABATECHSHOW pay as you go. Via @JLE_JD
  • Have your passwords been exposed? Check have I been pwned? – via @catherinereach
  • @nerinopetro says use to show who is tracking you – via @JLE_JD
  • Diane Ebersole says use Quick Parts. [The Quick Part Gallery in Word is a gallery where you can create, store, and find reusable pieces of content, including AutoText, document properties such as title and author, and fields.] #ABATECHSHOW > She’s absolutely right – via @JLE_JD RT @bschorr
  • I had no idea those Mophie external battery packs were that worthwhile – via @j0eybagodonuts
  • @bburney suggests #duckduckgo which doesn’t track you [anonymous way to search the Web] – via @JLE_JD
  • @bburney also likes [ makes it easy for people to learn about you and find your content. Create a free page in minutes with no coding required] – via @JLE_JD
  • Diane Ebersole likes text expanders [much of the text we type is repetitive; with text expanders the computer does the work for you] – via @JLE_JD
  • @nerinopetro suggests #trello [Trello is the fastest, easiest way to organize anything, from your day-to-day work, to a favorite side project, to your greatest life plans] – via @JLE_JD@bburney uses an add in for word called puretext some crazy short cut in mac also [Have you ever copied some text from a web page or a document and then wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple by adding a new Windows hot-key (default is WINDOWS+V) that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting] – via @JLE_JD
  • Sv600 contactless scanner [from Fujitsu] made @nerinopetro happy – via @JLE_JD
  • Great keyboard shortcut via @macsinlaw: In Word, select text and use Shift + F3 to cycle through capitalization options – via @j0eybagodonuts
  • Great productivity tool RT @JLE_JD: @nerinopetro likes the pomodoro technique for getting done – via @rocketmatter
  • Diane says use site: to limit search to domains or sites for google. I use this a lot – via @JLE_JD
  • 5 GREAT Google Searching Tips via @alcona67 Diane Ebersole – via @miunger
  • @nerinopetro making backups of backups with IFTTT … But, who will watch the watchmen?!? – via @rajuip
  • @nerinopetro says airserver is cool. I agree. For ipad sharing – via @JLE_JD
  • Google apps has added a research tool so you can search without leaving app @bburney – via @JLE_JD
  • @nerinopetro says use spike in msword [A Clipboard feature available in Word that lets you copy multiple selections of content to the Clipboard and then paste them as a group to a new location. It's easy to use and allows for a bit more flexibility when the need arises] – @JLE_JD
  • A great tip from @markevans on site to fix awkward and convoluted writing [Hemingway App] - @AndrewLarmand
  • If you need to encrypt a network, Simek recommends SafeGuard by Sophos – via @kmontenegro
  • How about this for 60 sites: Turns browser tab into a convenient [quick-edit] notepad – via @tim_baran
  • Have you tried @insightlyapp for task mgmt @chadeburton? – via @antigonepeyton
  • @bschorr reviewing @Yammer – a secure tool for group conversations & collaboration within organizations – via @lucasboling
  • ChargeKey & ChargeCard are great for small, portable chargers per @themaclawyer – via @mrsmaclawyer

A complete 60 sites list is now available here.

But Hold On, There’s More…

Over the next few days, I will share 13 additional posts curated from the 2014 ABATECHSHOW.  So hang on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Cool TECHSHOW Apps
  • Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back
  • Quickie Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad
  • Getting the Most Out of Evernote
  • It’s Social Media, Not Anti-Social Media
  • Practically Perfect Presentations (Or: How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint)
  • You’re Sold on the Cloud – Now What?
  • Cyber Security: Horrifying Stats and Tips for Dropbox Users
  • Making Money: Maximizing the Business Side of Practicing Law
  • Still Pondering Paperless?
  • Crowdsourcing Legal Research with Casetext and Mootus
  • Legal Tech by the Numbers

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Take the Money and Run: $100 to Upgrade Windows XP

Don’t follow the US Government’s lead and play ostrich when it comes to Windows XP. If you have friends or colleagues using this outdated OS, encourage them to take this offer from Microsoft:


Thanks Techlicious!